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Sleeping Chihuahua

28 Dec

Pedro is taking a nap with his paws hanging out of the blanket!

Hurricane Sandy Pet Donations

21 Nov

Hurricane Sandy Pets

Pet donations are still needed for the NY & NJ area who were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Being located in New Jersey, Pedro and I continue to see the need for supplies for our neighbors at the shore. There are many ways you can help, even if you do not have funds for supplies. Spread […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Dog Dangers

20 Nov

Chihuahua Eating Treats

When Thanksgiving dinner is cooking, everyone’s mouth begins to water; including your pets! Here are some food items to be aware of: High Fat Foods: such as turkey skin, ham, gravy, butter and desserts may cause inflammation of your dog’s pancreas. Pancreatitis causes intense abdominal pain and vomiting and requires hospitalization to recover. Keep foods […]


20 Feb


Recently I came across this great print-out from the American Red Cross  which outlines the vital steps in doing CPR for your pet. I am sharing in hopes that everyone prints it, reads it and keeps it handy. About Chihuahua Mamas Blog

Top 50 Dog Names of 2011

17 Feb

Every now and then when I take Pedro for a walk around the neighborhood we will run into a new “fur-friend.” Naturally their owner introduces themselves and their dog by name.  However, I have always found it funny that when we run into the same pair again… the only name we can seem to recall […]

Top 5 Things a New Dog Owner Needs

30 Nov

Thinking back on when I brought Pedro home, and him being my first pet that didn’t live in a bowl of water, there was a lot I wish I had known. Sure you think of the normal things like a bed, food, leashes…but below I will break down the TOP 5 THINGS A NEW DOG […]

Chihuahua Mamas Blog

14 Sep

Pedro the Chihuahua

Hi Everyone, Welcome to our first post! It seems almost weekly I am sending out text messages or photos to friends/family relating to my little Chihuahua, Pedro.  From photos of him falling asleep in weird positions to text messages describing how he just ran off and ate my electric bill I was just about to […]